Sexual Assault Posts

Groping is a crime

Matt Damon, among other men, is concerned that we are treating all acts of sexual misconduct the same. “I do believe there’s a spectrum of behavior,” he explained to Rolling Stone, in an interview that drew considerable attention.

Defining Consent

In a recent Associated Press interview, NYU School of Law professor Erin E. Murphy brings attention to the complexity of sex assault laws and the definition of consent.

What it Means to Be “Reckless”

ALI’s Sexual Assault project will update the Sexual Offenses provisions in Article 213 of the 1962 Model Penal Code. The project will define and grade offenses based on the act—what a person does—and the person’s culpability or mental state. In order to understand the grading of offenses in the project, one must look at the 1962 Model Penal Code, Section 2.02: General Requirements of Culpability.

Reforming the Law of Rape

In this Article, I undertake two distinct tasks. First, I want to discuss what the laws against sexual assault ideally should look like. But second, I also want to discuss rape law from the perspective of someone who has spent the past four years in the messy and frustrating work of legislative compromise, trying to design law reform that can be both progressive and enactable.