More on the Proposals for Electoral Count Act Reform

At the invitation of The American Law Institute, a group whose members span a range of legal and political views met to consider the way forward on ECA reform. We came to agree on the following principles, distilled from a longer treatment, which could provide a path to bipartisan reform.

The ALI Convenes a Group to Address Electoral Count Act Reform

The attack on the Capitol on January 6 shocked most Americans and focused attention as well on the law that governs Congress’ count of the state’s electoral votes for President and Vice President. To the members of The American Law Institute, that day’s events also marked a challenge: how to ensure that the very essence of our democracy is not placed at risk again in the future. To undertake this important project, ALI convened 10 individuals with extensive experience in law and government to study the Electoral Count Act and to make proposals for reform.

Securing the ALI’s Second Century

The American Law Institute will celebrate its 100th anniversary next year. An occasion of this sort is a natural time for us to reflect on what we have been able to accomplish in our first 100 years, as well as an opportunity to plan for the Institute’s future.

The Restatement of Liability Insurance in the Courts

It is gratifying to see that the Restatement of Liability Insurance is proving useful to judges because it has been one of the ALI’s more contentious projects. Approved by the ALI membership in 2018 and published a year later, the Restatement of Liability Insurance has now been cited in over 50 cases by state and federal courts.