Policing Posts

Proportional Use of Force

The Policing project is on ALI’s Annual Meeting agenda this year for the first time, specifically, Use of Force. As the project progresses, The ALI Adviser will share several sections of the project, including Black Letter and Comments. The first in this series is Section 5.04 – Proportional Use of Force.

We spend $100 billion on policing. We have no idea what works.

Watching the debate in this country over public safety, you’d think some people wish to live securely, while others welcome Armageddon. Conservative pundit Bill O’Reilly recently went after “liberal politicians” in Chicago and San Francisco, noting crime in those cities and saying, “The situation is out of control and a disgrace, and that’s what happens when incompetent politicians demand the police stop enforcing laws.”

Why Arrest?

Arrests are the paradigmatic police activity. Though the practice of arrests in the United States, especially arrests involving minority suspects, is under attack, even critics widely assume the power to arrest is essential to policing.

Baton Rouge Chief Talks Policing In America

Baton Rouge Police Chief Carl Dabadie speaks with 101.7 / 710 KEEL’s Robert J. Wright and Erin McCarty about how the events of 2016, including the Alton Sterling shooting and the subsequent murder of three officers, changed the department’s approach to policing.