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Democrats Urge Justices to Stay Out of Wisconsin Primary Dispute

One day after Wisconsin Republicans asked the Supreme Court to block a lower-court ruling that extended the deadline for voters to submit absentee ballots in the state’s primary election, Wisconsin Democrats urged the justices to stay out of the dispute and allow that ruling to stay in place for now.

Principles of Election Law: Early In-Person Voting and Open Absentee Voting

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In light of the recent disruptions to in-person elections due to the COVID-19 restrictions, and the potential for a larger-than-average number of citizens requesting absentee ballots, state officials may need guidance on how to implement fair and efficient absentee protocols now more than ever.

The Perils of Voting by Mail

Bladen County, North Carolina, provides the latest object lesson for anyone genuinely interested in improving American elections. Each day this past week brought a new revelation about apparent absentee ballot fraud there, fraud that appears increasingly likely to lead North Carolina authorities (or the U.S. House of Representatives) to call for a new election for the state’s 9th Congressional District. But whether or not that entire congressional race must be rerun, the story that has emerged from Bladen County already makes clear the need for all states to be vigilant in how they manage their absentee voting processes.