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Election Law Localism and Democracy

This Article examines the local role in the 2020 election, together with the state pushback of 2021, as a study of both the surprising significance of local officials in promoting democracy and the place of local government in our intergovernmental system more generally.

UCI Law’s New Fair Elections and Free Speech Center

The University of California, Irvine School of Law has launched the Fair Elections and Free Speech Center, dedicated to “advancing an understanding of, and offering means to counter, threats to the stability and legitimacy of democratic governments exacerbated by the unregulated growth of digital media and other technological changes in mass communication.”

A Partisan Battle In An Overreach of A Case

Brnovich v. Democratic National Committee is a strange voting rights case. Rather than the typical case, in which a voting rights group representing minority voters sues a state or locality for engaging in electoral discrimination, this case pits the two major political parties against each other, and Republican officials in Arizona against Democratic officials.

Why Counting Presidential Votes Is Not for Federal District Courts

For the past several months, Election Law at Ohio State and SCOTUSblog have teamed up to track significant election-related lawsuits with the potential to reach the Supreme Court and affect the presidential election. Now, two weeks after Election Day, litigation over the outcome of the election is rapidly diminishing, but it hasn’t yet completely disappeared.

Election 2020: “What if?” Workshop

On Thursday, Sept. 3, The National Press Club Journalism Institute is hosting “Election 2020: “What if?” a free virtual workshop tackling important topics surrounding the November election.

What Is a Delayed Election Result?

In an op-ed piece for The Washington Post Edward Foley of Ohio State University, Moritz College of Law and Joanne Lipman, former editor in chief of USA Today, rebuff the claim that there is a “delay” if presidential election results are not declared on election night.