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Justices appear divided over Navajo Nation’s water rights

This article was originally published on on March 21, 2023. What water the United States owes the Navajo Nation under the 1868 Treaty of Bosque Redondo formed the crux of the argument in Arizona v. Navajo Nation.

The Ascension of Indigenous Cultural Property Law

This Article shows a striking increase in the development of tribal cultural property laws as Indian tribes seek to advance human and cultural rights in innovative and inspired ways.

The 16th Annual Rennard Strickland Lecture

The University of Oregon School of Law hosted the 16th Annual Rennard Strickland Lecture Series, featuring a talk by Matthew L.M. Fletcher of University of Michigan Law School.

Teaching Indian Law in the 21st Century

In the 21st century, many law schools offer Indian law but generally are still far behind the curve. Worse, when it is offered, the Indian law canon tends to be taught in ways that ignore contemporary tribal agency by emphasizing historical events over modern issues. This article gives examples of tribal court cases and tribal statutes law teachers can use to incorporate Indian law into virtually any common law course.