Torts: Remedies Posts

Torts: Remedies at the 2022 ALI Annual Meeting

In this video, Reporters Douglas Laycock and Richard L. Hasen provide an overview of Tentative Draft No. 1 of Restatement of the Law Third, Torts: Remedies, which includes a significant portion of Chapter 1 on Compensatory Damages.

October 2021 Council Meeting Updates

At its meeting on October 21 and 22, 2021, the Council reviewed and discussed Council Drafts and approved drafts and portions of drafts.

Sequencing in Damages

Tort law consists of multiple doctrines governing the assignment of liability and the calculation of damages. But in what sequence should courts apply these doctrines? Does it matter, for example, whether a court applies comparative fault before or after mitigation of damages?

Developments in Punitive Damages

On Feb. 19, The Law & Economics Center at Antonin Scalia Law School held the “Symposium on the Economics and Law of Civil Remedies: Developments in Damages and Nationwide Injunctions.” This post includes a description and video from the second panel of the day.