Torts: Intentional Torts to Persons Posts

Battery: Definition of Offensive Contact

Section 3 – Battery: Definition of Offensive Contact, of the Intentional Torts project appeared at ALI’s Annual Meeting in 2015 (at the time it was numbered Section 103). Due to a close vote on Section 3(b) (then 103(b)), it was agreed that this Section would be brought back to a future Annual Meeting.

Contact Requirement in Infliction of Bodily Harm

Mr. Eichenwald, a journalist who has been critical of President Donald Trump, was sent an image via Twitter that intentionally caused him to have a seizure. The tweet read, “you deserve a seizure for your posts.” Mr. Eichenwald filed paperwork in a Dallas court asking Twitter to identify the person who sent the tweet, and Twitter has indicated that it will turn over the data on the user.