In this video, Principles of the Law, Data Privacy Reporters Paul M. Schwartz and Daniel J. Solove discuss the developing concerns and changes in the use of personal data.


Paul M. Schwartz

Reporter, Data Privacy Principles

Paul M. Schwartz, Professor of Law at UC Berkeley School of Law, is a leading international expert on information privacy, copyright, telecommunications and information law. He has published widely on these topics. His co-authored books include Data Privacy Law (1996, supp. 1998) and Data Protection Law and On-line Services: Regulatory Responses (1998), a study carried out for the Commission of the European Union that examines emerging issues in Internet privacy in four European countries. See his full list of publications.

Daniel J. Solove

Reporter, Data Privacy Principles

Daniel J. Solove is the John Marshall Harlan Research Professor of Law at the George Washington University Law School.  He is also the founder of TeachPrivacy, a privacy and cybersecurity training company. One of the world’s leading experts in privacy law, Professor Solove has lectured at universities, companies, and government agencies around the world.  He is the author of numerous books, including Nothing to Hide: The False Tradeoff Between Privacy and SecurityUnderstanding Privacy, and The Future of Reputation: Gossip and Rumor in the Information Age. Read more about his publications online.


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