Below is the abstract for “Toward a Tribal Role in Groundwater Management,” available for download on SSRN.

This Article considers the Agua Caliente groundwater litigation a decade since its inception. It recounts the most recent developments in the case, notably the move to mediation and the strategic work that brought the water districts to the table. The Article places this monumental case in context: in the history of colonization and tribal-state relations, the present climate crisis, and the State of California’s groundwater management regime. The Article ultimately outlines the present opportunity to reimagine the role of tribes in groundwater management.


Alexandra Fay

UCLA School of Law

Alexandra Fay is the inaugural Richard M. Milanovich Fellow at the Native Nations Law and Policy Center of UCLA School of Law. Her research explores the relationship between federal Indian law and American constitutional law. She studies federalism to understand tribal status in our constitutional structure.


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