A new ethics course from ALI CLE will discuss the different approaches for nonprofits and charitable organizations’ entity selection and the results these selections will have on the organization’s tax status. 

From the course description: 

Nonprofit and charitable organizations must approach entity selection and formation decisions in an informed and careful manner. Not all nonprofits are charitable, and even when they are charitable, tax-exempt status is not guaranteed. Attorneys advising nonprofit organizations must engage clients in a multilayered analysis of their mission, their operations, and the organizational distinctions of nonprofits to align their needs and formation decisions. 

Once done, clients can then be counseled on the advantages and disadvantages of the four major state-based entity options as each has subtle tradeoffs. Only then can parties move on to discussing whether federal tax exemption is achievable and maintainable. 

The course will take place on November 17. Learn more and register here. 


Madison Bessho

The American Law Institute


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