At its meeting in New York City on October 17 and 18, 2019, the Council reviewed and approved drafts of seven projects.*

Children and the Law: The Council approved § 2.22 from Chapter 2, State Intervention for Abuse and Neglect; § 4.10 from Chapter 4, Emancipation of Minors; §§ 8.10 and 8.11 from Chapter 8, Student Speech Rights; and §§ 10.10 and 10.20 from Chapter 10, School Searches, subject to the Reporters working with an ad hoc group of Council members to revise §§ 8.10 and 8.11 and to confirm that the revised material is consistent with the discussion at the Council meeting.

The Reporters also will revise §§ 9.10 and 9.20 from Chapter 9, Religion in Public Schools, and submit the revised versions at a future meeting.

Compliance, Risk Management, and Enforcement: The Council approved §§ 5.09 and 5.18-5.38 of Chapter 5 on Compliance, as well as the definitions in Chapter 1 that were not previously approved. (Portions of Chapters 1 and 5 were approved at the 2019 Annual Meeting.) There was insufficient time to complete the discussion of Chapter 4 on Risk Management and Chapter 6 on Enforcement. The Reporters will work with an ad hoc group of Council members to revise Chapter 6 in accordance with the discussion.

Copyright: The Council approved §§ 1.01, 1.03, 1.04, 1.08, 1.09, and 1.11 from Chapter 1 on Subject Matter and Standards and §§ 2.03 and 2.08 from Chapter 2 on Subject Matter of Copyright: Scope of Protection. The Reporters will revise §§ 2.04-2.07 and submit those Sections at a future meeting.

Policing: The Council approved the two Chapters contained in Council Draft No. 4: Chapter 6 on Policing Databases and Chapter 9 on Forensic Evidence Gathering.

Property: The Council approved Council Draft No. 1, which included material from Volumes 1, 3, and 7 on General Definitions, Possession, Bailments, Zoning, Planning, and Subdivision.

Sexual Assault and Related Offenses: The Council approved Sections 213.7 (Offensive Sexual Contact), 213.9 (Sex Trafficking), and 213.10 (Permission to Use Force), subject to the Reporters, in collaboration with an ad hoc group of Council members, revising Section 213.9 to address comments from the Advisers and Members Consultative Group regarding tangential actors.

Sections 213.8, 213.11, and 213.12 were included in Council Draft No. 9 only for discussion. These Sections also will be discussed at the project meeting on October 24, 2019.

Student Sexual Misconduct: Procedural Frameworks for Colleges and Universities: The Council approved Chapter 4 (Inquiries and Investigations) and Chapter 5 (Informal Resolution of Sexual-Misconduct Reports and Complaints) of Council Draft No. 2. There was insufficient time to consider §§ 6.1 to 6.3d of Chapter 6 (Formal Resolution of Sexual-Misconduct Complaints).

* All approvals are subject to the discussion at the meeting and the usual editorial prerogative.

Discussion of Council Draft No. 6 of the project on Intentional Torts to Persons was postponed until the January 2020 Council meeting. 

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