This article was originally published by Bleacher Report on  Nov. 6. The following is an excerpt. 

The NBA is reportedly going to even greater lengths to ensure that teams won’t tamper with players and their agents.

According to Pete Thamel, Seerat Sohi and Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports on Tuesday, an NBA memo sent to teams said they are not permitted to use apps that “auto-delete relevant communication.”

The reported mandate is another step in the NBA’s efforts to make teams’ communication with prospective free agents more transparent. It could conceivably also help the NBA crack down on illegal communication in its annual audits of five random teams.

Talk of the NBA taking measures to combat tampering first surfaced in July, when ESPN’s Zach Lowe and Brian Windhorst reported that the league was investigating how and why some players were able to sign so quickly during the offseason.

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Mike Chiari

Bleacher Report

Mike Chiari is a columnist for Bleacher Report. 


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