Below is the abstract for “Plaintiff’s Choice of Law in Cross-Border Tort Conflicts” available for download on SSRN.

The thesis of this Article is that, subject to specified conditions, the victims of certain cross-border torts should have the option of choosing between the laws of the state of the injurious conduct and those of the state of the resulting injury. Although this appears to be radical position, it is consistent with the results reached in most cases in the more than forty U.S. jurisdictions that have abandoned the traditional lex loci delicti rule. Adopting a rule to this effect will relieve courts from the burden of individualized choice-of-law determinations, conserve litigation resources and, in many cases, facilitate settlements.


Symeon C. Symeonides

Willamette University College of Law

Symeon C. Symeonides is the Alex L. Parks Distinguished Professor of Law and Dean Emeritus of Willamette University College of Law. He joined Willamette in 1999 as Dean of the College of Law and served in that capacity until 2011. Symeonides has an extensive record in law reform and his teaching subjects include Conflict of Laws, Comparative Law, and International Litigation & Arbitration.