Anticipation over several high-stakes midterm elections across the country has been thick in the air in a handful of states where tight races have gone into overtime. Results have been delayed due to a variety of factors including absentee/provisional ballot counting, technical issues, and calls for a recount.

Some of the most closely watched midterm election races in states like Georgia, Florida, Mississippi and Arizona were too close to call as of Thursday, Nov. 8. Those races could head to a recount or runoff, in which candidates are forced to face each other at the polls again.

Here are some news stories which breakdown the issues in each race:

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In Georgia the final decision looks like it will actually come down to a matter of counting each of the provisional and absentee ballots cast in the contest. While in Florida, several major races may face recounts due to provisional ballots, which could add 7,000 to 10,000 more votes to the mix.

Open absentee voting entails a substantial number of absentee ballots. It is critical to establish a sound process for counting these ballots. Principles of the Law, Election Administration provides guidance to using absentee-voting or early-voting options as a supplement to in-person precinct-based voting on Election Day.


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