In the below video of a presentation hosted by the John Locke Foundation, Professor Brandon Garrett of Duke Law provides an overview of new research projects seeking to make criminal justice more evidence-based. He describes research projects designed to prevent wrongful convictions and improve accuracy in the criminal justice system, and work on sentencing, reentry and collateral consequences. He also discusses planned collaborations between researchers and criminal justice actors in North Carolina to improve outcomes in pre-trial decision-making, plea bargaining, and probation.



Brandon L. Garrett

Associate Reporter, Policing Principles

Brandon L. Garrett is the L. Neil Williams, Jr. Professor of Law  at Duke Law School. His research and teaching interests include criminal procedure, wrongful convictions, habeas corpus, corporate crime, scientific evidence, civil rights, civil procedure and constitutional law. Garrett’s recent research includes studies of DNA exonerations and organizational prosecutions. In addition to numerous articles published in leading law journals, he is the author of five books, including: The Death Penalty: Concepts and Insights (West Academic, 2018) (with Lee Kovarsky); and End of its Rope: How Killing the Death Penalty Can Revive Criminal Justice (Harvard University Press, 2017).


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