The Colorado Sun has published an article discussing a new water bill in the state’s upcoming legislative session. The proposed bill seeks to prohibit speculation for pure financial gain. 

Excerpted from the piece: 

The 2022 legislative session is shaping up to be a big battleground for this key question about the future of water rights in Colorado. Climate change is cutting into the amount of water available in Colorado’s rivers. Front Range and resort communities continue their rapid, thirsty growth. And state officials may need to lock down reserve supplies across the region in case a seven-state compact demands we deliver big water downstream in the western lifeline that is the Colorado River. Who gets to broker the inevitable water sales is a moral, legal and economic question for our time. 

“We’re water-short. And we’re getting water-shorter,” said John Cyran, a former counsel to the state water engineer’s office and now a senior attorney on river issues for Western Resource Advocates. 

Water users and lawmakers say they’re especially worried about a new, potential threat: investors and out-of-state private equity buying up water rights to wait for an opportune time to sell, potentially taking away water from other users like farmers and ranchers and driving up values.  

Read the full article on The Colorado Sun. 


Madison Bessho

The American Law Institute


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