Rachel A. Harmon of UVA Law was recently featured on an episode of the podcast Conversations with Tyler.

In the episode, “Rachel Harmon on Policing,” Professor Harmon shares her thoughts on “the best ideas for improving policing, including why good data on policing is so hard to come by, why body cams are not a panacea, the benefits and costs of consolidating police departments, why more female cops won’t necessarily reduce the use of force, how federal programs can sometimes misfire, where changing police selection criteria would and wouldn’t help, whether some policing could be replaced by social workers, the sobering frequency of sexual assaults by police, how a national accreditation system might improve police conduct, what reformers can learn from Camden and elsewhere, and more.”

Professor Harmon teaches in the areas of criminal law, criminal procedure, and civil rights. Her scholarship focuses on the legal regulation of the police. Additionally, she serves as an Associate Reporter on Principles of the Law, Policing.

Listen to the full episode and read the transcript here.

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