Amna Nawaz of PBS News Hour and Seth Stoughton of the University of South Carolina discuss police training, race, and use of force. In the news segment, they examine the case of Atatianna Jefferson, who “was playing video games with her nephew when police arrived to check on a door left ajar. According to her nephew, Jefferson heard noises outside and pointed her gun at the window. Officer Aaron Dean shouted and immediately fired, killing Jefferson.” 

Read the full transcript and watch the segment from PBS News Hour.


Amna Nawaz

PBS News Hour

Amna Nawaz joined PBS NewsHour in April 2018 and serves as a national correspondent and primary substitute anchor.

Seth W. Stoughton

University of South Carolina, School of Law

Seth Stoughton is an Associate Professor at the University of South Carolina School of Law, where he is affiliated with the Rule of Law Collaborative. He studies policing and how it is regulated, and his scholarship has appeared in the Minnesota Law Review, the North Carolina Law Review, the Virginia Law Review, and other top journals. He has written multiple book chapters and is the principal co-author of Evaluating Police Uses of Force (forthcoming from NYU Press in spring 2020).  He is a frequent lecturer on policing issues, regularly appears on national and international media, and has written for The New York TimesThe AtlanticTIME, and other news publications. He teaches Police Law & Policy, Criminal Procedure, Criminal Law, and the Regulation of Vice.


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