Watch Ralf Michaels of Duke Law, Austen Parrish of Indiana Law, Thomas Lee of Fordham Law, and Chimène Keitner of UC Hastings discuss limits on jurisdiction in international law with moderator and Anne Woolhandler of UVA Law at UVA Law’s 31st Sokol Colloquium. During the colloquium, scholars, jurists and practitioners discussed ALI’s Restatement of the Law Fourth, The Foreign Relations Law of the United States.


Chimène Keitner

UC Hastings College of Law

Chimène Keitner is the Alfred and Hanna Fromm Professor of International Law at UC Hastings College of Law. She is a leading authority on international law and civil litigation, and served as the 27th Counselor on International Law in the U.S. Department of State. She has authored two books and dozens of articles, essays, and book chapters on questions surrounding the relationship among law, communities, and borders, including issues of jurisdiction, extraterritoriality, foreign sovereign and foreign official immunity, and the historical understandings underpinning current practice in these areas.

Thomas H. Lee

Fordham University School of Law

Thomas Lee is the Leitner Family Professor of International Law and Director of Graduate and International Studies at Fordham University School of Law. He teaches and writes in the fields of international law, international commercial and investor-state arbitration, comparative and U.S. constitutional law, civil procedure, legal history, and U.S. federal courts and jurisdiction. 

Ralf Michaels

Duke Law School

Ralf Michaels is an expert in comparative law and conflict of laws, and a professor at Duke University School of Law. His current research focuses mainly on three issues: the role of domestic courts in globalization, the role of conflict of laws as a theory of global legal fragmentation, and the status and relevance of law beyond the state. He serves as an Adviser on the Conflict of Laws and U.S. Foreign Relations Law Projects. 

Austen L. Parrish

Indiana University Maurer School of Law

Austen Parrish is the Dean and James H. Rudy Professor of Law at Indiana University Maurer School of Law. He is a well-known and widely published scholar in transnational law and the use of domestic law institutions to address global changes. In his recent publications, he has focused on critiquing the use of extraterritorial domestic laws and the role that national courts play in solving global challenges.

Ann Woolhandler

UVA School of Law

Ann Woolhandler is the William Minor Lile Professor of Law at UVA School of Law. Formerly a professor of law at Tulane University, she is an expert on the federal court system and civil procedure. She has been a visiting professor at Harvard and Boston University, and on the faculty of the University of Cincinnati.


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